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I teach busy women how to be strong & fit for life, while eating foods they love!

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What makes flexible dieting and counting macros so great?!

It’s great because NO FOODS are off limits! We are creating a lifestyle change, this is not a “fad diet” or a “quick-fix”. We are flexible with foods and more strict with numbers and we find balance.

You will be learning portion sizes and portion control which will in turn help you become more aware of what you are putting into your body. You won’t have a “cookie- cutter” meal plan, you will be enjoying foods you love while also eating the foods that are going to fuel your body properly. You will learn how to balance  a sustainable diet and an active lifestyle. We will take the guess work out of it so that you can focus on the other important areas of your life.

Will you have to track macros or count forever?! No. Our ultimate goal is to get you to that point where you don’t have to track your intake because you will have complete knowledge of the flexible dieting lifestyle and how it works specific to you.

As long as you are consistent with your food intake and your activity levels the results will come. Trust the process, enjoy the process and lets CRUSH your goals….TOGETHER!

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This is by far the best, most realistic, enjoyable program I have ever followed. Sasha has truly given me my life back. I also love interacting with her other clients online! It’s inspiring to see everyone’s progress. 5/5, would absolutely recommend to anyone who is eager to live a healthier lifestyle.

Leann R

Sasha is an amazing fitness and nutrition coach. She teaches you how to lose weight and maintain your sanity. She knows no one is going the rest of their lives without ice cream or pizza, so she shows you how to balance out your nutrition to have your pizza and maintain your fitness goals. Sasha is also very supportive, responsive and honest with everyone. I would recommend her coaching to anyone who wants to lose weight, gain muscle, or be more fit.

Kodi B

I have been apart of ACF for 5 months and where do I even begin?!? Sasha is an amazing person and an even better coach. I came to her looking for guidance with my nutrition as a power lifter and she has taught me so much, helped me control my BIG sweet tooth and reach my goals. From the moment I started working with Sasha, she sent me helpful guides that she creates herself! And is always sharing knowledge and valuable information with the group. Tracking and understanding macros has never been made easier all while having a great support system between Sasha and the group of other women chasing their individual goals.

Nicky H

Where to start! Sasha has been so helpful through my fitness journey. I have struggle to put on weight my whole life and finally after a few weeks with her I have noticed an increase! I started out not doing what I was supposed to do (my own doing) but she continued remind me of the goals I set. She kept me accountable and still reminds me to EAT! I trust her fully and I admire her own journey! So stoked for my own transformation as I get ready to have my last year as a single lady before my wedding! She’s going get me to where I want to be, feel and look for my special day and the rest of my life! I fully recommend her! So impressed by the other clients she has and the community she has created! So if you want someone to push you even when you don’t feel like doing it, she’s your girl! We all need someone like that in our fitness journey’s!

Diana P

I would 100 % recommend Sasha to anyone. I started with Sasha when I was 5 months postpartum. And she has not only helped me lost the baby weight but reach goals I haven’t seen in years. Sasha is there to support you in every step. She has help me with the new image of food. I was under eating and then over eating. But I now get to enjoy the foods, I like without feeling guilty

Aracelis M

I was an undereater! Counting macros with Sasha’s continuous guidance has changed my skewed beliefs on nutrition, and now I eat more, have more energy, and my body is progressively getting stronger. The private access to the Actively Chic Fitness Gang group has given me a sense of community that I needed throughout COVID, the other clients are encouraging and supportive. I’ve been working with ACF since the end of April and I’m still seeing changes to my body, even after hitting my goal weight. I’ve had a good experience working with other coaches previously, but no one has provided services like ACF. Sasha genuinely cares about her clients and truly puts her all into this unique and lifechanging program. Working with ACF has helped me overcome unhealthy eating habits, become stronger to support my permanent injuries, and gain confidence in the gym.

Gemma M

I liked that Sasha speaks from a first hand experience. It’s not the same telling people to do certain stuff, especially a postpartum woman unless you’ve been there. I think it’s important to connect to people and that she does. I lost weight during my plan with her and still continue to lose with what she taught me.

Maria G

I started working with ACF 7 months ago. With Sasha’s help I was able to reach my goal weight and actually surpass it which shocked me. I’ve learned skills to keep me at my goal weight for several months now, despite a surgery to take my thyroid out and fluctuating hormone levels. What’s surprised me the most is I really have made a lifestyle change. My attitude toward health and fitness has changed and my desire to stay active has increased.

Alyse B